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A passionate, modern twist of genre-bending, melodic, Pop Rock with a hint of 
the big 80's rock sound.

iN2wishin redefines the rock music genre by embracing the moment; and their
sound is influenced by their intuition, creativity, and playfulness. They believe
that rock music can be many things, including positivity and playfulness by
capturing whatever feeling generates from the creative writing process.

No matter what they write about, *Magic* happens.  Become a part of the magic
and follow YOUR iN2wishin!



The group was originally formed in 1998 in South Florida when Michael & Linda began working on combining their music styles
together to write their own genre-bending original music; while they were performing some rock and country music cover songs 
in Ft. Lauderdale with another band, named,
"Rocking Horse." After Michael and Linda moved up to the Central Florida area in
1999, they began performing live local shows in the Central Florida area, calling themselves, "Missing Link," with Michael's 
brother, Charlie, helping out on bass, and a drum machine to fill in the show. By 2002, they gathered two other members and 
began performing in local bars & clubs throughout the Leesburg/Ocala area in Central Florida as "Misstaken." The band 
members changed a few times through the next couple of years, but the heart and soul of the music, whether original or covers, 
has always been there without question through the passion of Michael and Linda's imagination and performances.

By 2005, the band was performing nearly every weekend across Central Florida and quickly became one of the top desired 
bands throughout the area. Deemed, "Central Florida's Hottest Rock Band" by local listeners, this band gave a powerfully 
energetic performance that marked the presence of a band that was here to stay. They transformed the local music scene into a
place where you can count on a good show when going out to see a local band by putting the entertainment back into a show 
and adding a whole new way to rock and play. "Misstaken" continued performing for bars, clubs, fairs, and festivals over the next
couple of years into 2007; but they realized that they had lost sight of the original project. They began touching base on again on 
the original songs in 2007. However, after their original/cover drummer moved to Tennessee, they took a break to re-gather, 
re-group, find a replacement drummer, and try once again to become an all original band along with finding their original sound 
and image. By 2009, Misstaken was beginning the switch, backing out of the bar & performance scene, and beginning to use 
the weekend for writing & rehearsing more original songs. 

At the end of 2009, after only performing a few shows throughout a couple of years off with fill-in drummers, "Misstaken" 
gained an all original drummer, Mike Hatfield, that fit their style perfectly. The band decided to only do original music and to release 
it under another name, since everyone associated Misstaken as a cover band. They spent the next couple of years getting together, 
getting to know each other, writing new music, and jamming to get the feel for each others' styles. However, at the beginning of 2010,
their bass player chose to follow a different path, causing another short hiatus/break in the original project. It wasn't easy for the 
remaining members to get together to rehearse with the bass guitar missing in the music; so Linda decided to pick up the bass 
once again to see if she could pick up on the music and fill the void. By the end of 2012, Linda was doing well enough to complete
the band in order to have steady rehearsals with the instruments needed to write more music. That began to work out so well, that the
trio finalized the original project that is now called, "iN2wishin." 

Even though there were several original songs already previously recorded, iN2wishin began recording their first entire album in 2011 
with many more songs added into the mix. The release is expected to be sometime in 2013.


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