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Celestial Vision:

Michael's journey of creating his "Celestial Vision" began when he was a child learning all he could about himself, meditation, and the way the world worked through his vision. Michael has his celestial vision, however, he truly believes that it may be different for each individual depending upon the open mindedness and beliefs of the individual. 

In Michael's vision, he sees a world without limitation. He sees a world with hundreds of states of consciousness and realms of reality which continually change and update based upon your interests at the time of question.


The Music:

Celestial Meditation Music was created by Michael when he stumbled upon his own way of meditation with the help of chakras and each note and color which blends with the chakras.

Michael's Celestial Meditation Music is about listening to find the secrets of the Celestial-Earth Connection through imagination.

There are times when the world around us clogs our way of thinking and blocks a stress-free mind. With the help of Michael's Celestial Meditation Music, he believes you can listen and it will help you not only let go of anything holding your mind back, but will also help imagine the world exactly the way you would like for it to be. Any type of imagery can help you problem-solve, but at times getting there can be the problem. 

Listen, Relax, and allow your path to open up into the loving, caring and all-knowing place you would like for it to be.


Michael Logue: Michael Logue
Michael Logue: Michael Logue

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