.Lead Singer, Lyrics/Songwriter, Entertainer, Bass Player, Keyboards, website designer, promotional director, promoter


Linda currently writes and sings all of the lyrics for iN2wishin's original music. Linda also plays bass for the live original music. 

At the moment, Linda is still in charge of managing, promoting, and merchandising for the band
as well as building and updating the band website. 

Also, Linda is re-learning the keyboard again to add some flavor into the original music.


Professional Experience & Awards:

  • 2003, “1st Runner-up" in the Colgate Country Showdown in Daytona Beach, FL
  • December 2001 & 2002, Misstaken Band played at Annual Holiday Business Party in Dunnellon, FL
  • December 2000, solo show at 5th Annual Holiday Business Party in Dunnellon, FL
  • 2000 won 1st runner up in a singing contest at Charlie Horse in Ocala, FL
  • 1999, "1st Runner-Up Vocal Duo of the Year” FCMA Florida State Showcase, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 1999, "Vocal Duo of the Year" FCMA Broward County Showcase, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 1999, "Adult Female Vocalist of the Year 1st Runner-up” FCMA Showcase, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 1998, Entertainer of the Year FCMA Broward County Showcase, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 1998, "Adult Female Vocalist of the Year 1st Runner-up" FCMA Broward County Showcase, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 1998, "Vocal Duo of the Year" FCMA Broward County Showcase, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 1998, "Vocal Duo of the Year 1st Runner-up" FCMA Florida State Showcase, FL
  • Fall of 1998, asked to be a guest appearance for Ms. Judi Sweet’s solo act @ the 84 Lounge in Davie, FL
  • April 1998, asked to be solo entertainment for a “Change of Command” ceremony for the U.S. Coast Guard in St. Petersburg, FL
  • March 1998, asked to make a voice over for a local remake of the cartoon “The Little Mermaid” @ Josh Noland Music Studio, Pompano, FL
  • February 1998, entertained for the South Florida TrailRiders Association Campout in Ft. Pierce, FL
  • January 1998, asked to be the opening act for the “Ronnie Davis Review” Show at Sirone’s Night Club in Pompano, FL
  • Spring of 1998, asked to sing with Josh Noland in his Gospel Concert in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • December 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999, asked to perform at Annual Holiday Business Party in Davie, FL
  • 1996, 1997 & 1998, Started making guest appearances for a local professional singer, Ms. Dusty Lynn, for a private & business parties, FL
  • 1993-96, Linda was asked to do voice-over company recordings for local businesses in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area.

Newspaper Articles

  • August 21, 1998 - Around Town newspaper - "The ENTERTAINER of the YEAR" at the FCMA Showcase Competition.
  • August 1999 Issue - FCMA Broward County Chapter 'The Monitor' newsletter
  • August 20-September 2, 1999 - Around Town newspaper
  • September/October 1999 Issue - Florida Country Music News newsletter
  • October 15-28, 1999 - Around Town newspaper - "Broward Country Music Performers Take Home State Awards" at the FCMA Showcase
  • November 1999 Issue - Country Grapevine newspaper - "FCMA State Showcase"


  • * March 1998, Linda was asked to be a guest appearance doing voice-over work for a country-western remake of the cartoon, "The Little Mermaid" at the Josh Noland Music Studios in Pompano, Florida.
  • * 1998, Linda was asked to sing the lead vocals for a demo song, "Yesterday's Lovin' Won't Do," being submitted directly to Ms. Dolly Parton from the Josh Noland Music Studios, Pompano, Florida.
  • * 1997, Linda was asked to record/sing lead and harmony on a demo album for Mr. Oscar Heiss at the Josh Noland Music Studios, Pompano, Florida.
  • * 1993-96, Linda was asked to do voice-over work for pre-recorded, on-hold business specials and business answering machines in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area.


  • 2004 Lakeland, Polk County Fair Karaoke Competition aired overseas as a "USA Live Broadcast Competition."  
Special Training and Experience:
  • As a child, Linda played the trumpet in the school band and competed with comedy acts in the school talent shows. 
  • 1995-97, Gained singing experience and stage presence by entering karaoke singing competitions and such whenever she could. She won many prizes and titles along the way; but eventually, they started telling her she was too professional to compete in karaoke competitions. 
  • 1997, Graduated from a Vocal Training class at Bair Community College, Ft. Lauderdale area.
  • 1997, Vocal training and songwriting, along with keyboard lessons from Mr. Josh Noland at the Josh Noland Studios in Pompano, FL.
  • 1997, Learned to do studio track work in the Josh Noland Studios as she was asked to do voice-overs, and lead and back-up vocals for a couple of professional demos.
    1997, Additional vocal training from Mrs. Dianne Sherrow in the Ft. Lauderdale area.
  • 1998, Competed in the FCMA annual showcases. She won many awards, but Linda is most proud of the "Entertainer of the Year" award. 
  • 1998, Gained experience songwriting, singing, and performing with a live band, and continued growing that experience until the present day.
  • 2000, More studio track work with Michael in their home studio by recording their original songs onto ADAT recordings.
  • 2002, Trained to create and edit websites.
  • 2004, Learned to promote and manage a band, along with some band merchandising.
  • 2005, Re-learning small keyboard parts to add into live performances with the band.
  • 2007, Self-taught how to edit music via Nero by adding, cutting, removing and enhancing audio sections.
  • 2008, Bass guitar lessons from Michael and videos as well as slightly self-taught; then performed bass guitar live with another local band named, "Loose Connection," on several occasions.
  • 2010, Self-taught how to edit music videos via Nero, and re-learning keyboard parts to add into new original songs.
    2013, Re-learning to play bass guitar on all original songs.

Linda has thousands of natural skills. She is a "jack of all trades," and tries to never stop learning. She can and will learn to do anything at all for not only experience, but personal growth just by putting her mind to and focusing on whatever the subject at hand.


Early History to present:

Linda (Brace) Logue was born & raised in Chicago and a surrounding suburb, Fox Lake, IL. Her family moved to South Florida in 1989. She has always been a huge music fan since a very young age and recalls her family used to gather around the record player and sing all the time and all kinds of music, including: Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Barbara Streisand, Captain & Tennille, BeeGee's, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, and many more... When she wasn't singing with the family, she was singing all the 80's R & B and pop songs at home while acting out homemade comedy skits promoting fake commercials and imitating other people. She really loved imitating voices and the dance moves and artists she watched on MTV. Linda practically grew roots into the living room floor watching MTV and comedy movies every possible moment she could. When she couldn't watch MTV, she had her radio with her. You just couldn't keep her away from her music and music videos. For Linda, life just couldn't be without music.

Somewhere in 1994, a very close friend of Linda's was driving in a car with her and Linda was softly singing with the radio. Her friend said, "was that just you singing?" Linda replied (thinking she was going to make fun of her or something), "yeah, why?" Linda's friend replied (seriously), "you are fantastic and I want to be your manager when you make it!" "That was when it became a little less frightening to sing a little bit in front of a few select people," Linda says. In 1995, Linda let everyone know she could sing solo when her father took her to a local bar and bet her $20 that she would not sing in front of a bar loaded with people for a holiday party. Twenty bucks richer, she took that microphone trembling and belting out Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love For You." After 10 minutes of the crowd clapping, cheering & screaming, she knew that singing would be a way of life. 

Linda kept on singing in karaoke shows until she gained enough experience to run karaoke shows. She ran karaoke shows and then competed in singing competitions to gain experience until there came a point where she took professional voice lessons throughout 1996 & 97. In 1998, she joined the FCMA (Florida Country Music Association). During the 1998 FCMA Annual Showcase rehearsals, Linda met Michael Logue and the two began seeing each other and writing their own original music together. From there, Linda and Michael were asked to join a local Ft. Lauderdale band named, "Rocking Horse," where they played country and rock music for private parties over the next year around South Florida. By December 1999, Linda and Michael moved up to the Ocala/Leesburg area where they started up a new rock band (which was only a duet and occasionally Michael younger brother playing bass), they called themselves, "Missing Link," which quickly changed to the name, “Misstaken" after gaining a more permanent bass player and drummer. They also started dabbling in writing their own original music. Over the next several years,
they played shows containing the cover songs everyone knows & loves as well as a couple of their original songs. They went through a few
musicians trying to find their sound and their image. Between 2005-2007, Misstaken was a well-known band in the Central Florida area and all the locals knew that meant good music! But that didn't seem to be enough for Linda and Michael. They wanted to turn Misstaken into an all-original band and were beginning the switch by mid-2007 by backing out of the bar & performing scene and beginning to use the weekend for writing & rehearsing original songs. 

The whole original transformation finally took root in 2010 when the whole band realized that it actually felt better to play their heartfelt, original music. So, they decided that this was the time to make the jump into an all-original band, which is also when they decided to change the band name to "iN2wishin" so that the band name more reflected the way they felt to play their original music, and also so that people no longer associate them with cover music. Also in 2010, they lost their bass player once more, which delayed the recording and release of the 13
original song debut album. After losing their bass player again, though, Linda decided it was time to step up and start doing the bass herself so
that they no longer have to worry about that position with the band anymore.
iN2wishin began recording their first entire album in 2011-12 and the release is expected to be sometime in 2013.

Linda managed iN2wishin' (formerly known as " Misstaken") most of the early years; and Linda was in charge of promotions and the merchandising that were purchased while on tour. 

Linda also performed steady solo singing projects from mid-2009 in internet cafes and has continued doing so until March 2013 when those businesses were shut down.


Fun Facts

Full Name: Linda (Brace) Logue

Birthdate: January 1st

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current Residence: Central Florida

Instrument(s): Vocals (lead & backup), Songwriter, Bass Guitar, and some Keyboards

Influences: Steve Perry (of Journey), Pat Benatar, Eagles, Ann Wilson (of Heart), Sabastian Bach (of Skid Row), Michael Jackson, Martina McBride, Celine Dion, Gary Allan, Lionel Richie, Steve Tyler (of Aerosmith), Whitney Houston, Amy Lee (of Evanescence), Jennifer Nettles (of Sugarland), Def Leppard, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Poison, Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, LeAnn Rimes, David Lee Roth, Snoop Dog, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Tears For Fears, Europe, Karyn White & so many More.

Previous/other projects & bands: Rocking Horse, Still Country, Misstaken, Loose Connection, and currently iN2wishin'

Linda's most memorable stage performance so far was on stage at Silver Springs Theme Park; but she also had lots of fun at the St. Pete Pier, the Homestead-Miami Speedway, and the Lake County Fair.

Linda enjoys: all things creative, walking in nature, gardening, healthy home-cooking, crafting, sewing, talking with people, writing songs, inspiring people, graphic art, singing, playing bass, playing keyboards, playing board games and other games, hanging out with friends, acting silly, goofing off, playing with children, taking care of people, fishing, sports, projects and making things, building & rebuilding things, all things psychic/metaphysical/intuition, and giving a positive influence to children as well as adults. She also enjoys watching her favorite things on tv, sci-fi's and Comedies... like: all Star Trek shows/movies, all Stargate shows/movies, All Back to the Future movies, Charmed and Smallville; as well as any Comedies starring Jim Carrey, Mel Brooks, Richard Prior, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Will Farrell, Chris Farley, Kevin James, and many more actors in movies/shows like: Airplane, Ace Ventura, Night at the Roxbury, Blazing Saddles, GalaxyQuest, Nutty Professor, King of Queens, and many more... Linda also adores inspirational movies like: Celestine Prophecy, Peaceful Warrior, Instinct, What Dreams May Come, Pay It Forward and Sixth Sense. Linda is equally a cartoon-lover with shows like: SpongeBob, Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry. 

 Linda enjoys all things inspiring and beautiful. She felt good writing her self-help book called, "Voices of Happiness." Linda's most recent passion includes growing organic food, healthy cooking with homegrown veggies/fruits, and making all kinds of non-toxic products for the home and body, which are infused with 100% essential oils.

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