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                              LINDA  LOGUE 

    -- Singer / Entertainer / Author / Graphic Designer --

                  You can reach Linda via email at:


 Linda Brace- Logue
Linda Brace- Logue
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Maybe He'll Notice Her Now - sung by Linda

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contains both solo and band music


click the link above to see her live solo videos on facebook (you may have to be added as a friend before viewing)


Linda (Brace) Logue has enjoyed singing since a very young age. Singing and music were a very big part of her life growing up. In the mid 1990's, after taking singing lessons at Bair Community College, the Josh Noland Music Studio, and private lessons, she began doing voice-over work, recording professional demos by request, entering competitions including those in the FCMA (Florida Country Music Association, Broward Chapter), and running karaoke shows for experience. Awards won in the FCMA competitions are: "Entertainer of the Year" in 1998, "Adult Female Vocalist of the Year" 1st Runner-Up in 1998 & 1999, and "Vocal Duo of the Year" in 1999. Also, in 2003, Linda took, "1st Runner-Up" in the Colgate Country Showdown in Daytona Beach, FL.

Linda is lively and very versatile; she can adjust to any type of music or environment. She brings such feeling and emotion to each song that you can hardly miss a note. She really does sing straight from the heart and YOU CAN FEEL IT! Linda states, “I try to make everyone feel as if the song was meant for them.” She adds, “If it weren’t for Michael, I wouldn’t be where I am now in my vocal and harmony abilities, and in my life!” Deemed by her peers, "the Voice of an Angel," Linda's singing career has taken many paths in the past many years. She began singing other people's inspiring music and eventually started writing her own inspirational music to influence people the way she had been influenced through music her entire life. Linda is now writing and recording original inspirational music with her husband, Michael; hopefully to soon be released onto cd and mp3 for purchase; and she is promoting her self-help book, "Voices of Happiness" to help others live a happy life each and every day.

Linda sings solo as well as with the band, Misstaken. Therefore, all information pertaining to her training and singing career is reflected through her bio page and the band website pages:


Linda sings music of nearly endless cover music genres, from country to contemporary to light rock to rock to pop to a some classics and oldies to some tv tunes to a few rap and silly songs. No matter what music genre, Linda pours her heart and soul into the music and tries to sound similar to the originally recorded version so that you can appreciate the song as it was meant to be heard and portrayed.


 Linda's SCHEDULE  is posted in conjunction with Misstaken's Tour Dates Schedule... Click HERE to go to the TOUR dates page. You'll see the word, "SOLO" listed wherever Linda will be performing alone.

"There are only two people who got it; two people who can give me chills & goose bumps when they sing; and that's Elvis Presley and You! I mean it. You have that something, an incredible tone in your voice and you need to be somewhere."  ~Jack

"I have to ask you a serious question... What are you doing here? I used to be a talent scout and you definitely have what it takes and you can sing anything; so, why aren't you doing something with that voice? You should at the very least be at Disney where you can be seen and discovered." ~Sandy

"I absolutely love your music!!! So, it came naturally for me to sing along. The show was awesome! It's crystal-clear that you truly enjoy what you do. You have touched a very big part of my life. Thank you. I believe you're an excellent role model. Very respectable. I really admire you. It's always a pleasure talking to you. Your smile is enough to brighten the darkest place. Keep up the superfantastico work. It shows." ~Mary

"The customers love you; they all come here to see you! Many have made comments that you must be lip-syncing because it was so good; but I told them, no, it's really you singing!" ~staff / Lake Internet Services



As a child, Linda competed with comedy acts in the school talent shows. As a young adult, Linda was very outgoing and loved to bring a smile to people's faces any way she could by acting goofy or dishing out her interesting sense of humor. She's no stranger to a camera or videographer. Whenever on video or camera, Linda makes faces, acts out skits, and makes up commercials for products - whatever comes to mind in the moment. To this day, next to receiving smiles from people of all ages, the proudest moment of being an entertainer was when she received the FCMA's "Entertainer of the Year" award in 1998. Linda has the gift of an ever-changing style and entertainment. She conforms to fit each setting she performs in and likes to try new things as much as she can. The age group doesn't matter to Linda either, she'll be just as excited to perform for a gathering of children as she would adults or even senior citizens. She's sure to get a smile one way or another and draws the crowd into her imaginative world by making them just as big an entertainer as she attempts to be. 

Linda has always loved being in front of an audience, and she grew up imitating music videos, comedy movies, comedians, and commercials. Therefore, she loves to add tons of laughs into the show, whether it be improv or pulling a few toys from her bag of goodies and acting silly. There's just no standing still while she's in the room. It is Linda’s humorous personality that helps make a unique style of entertainment.


One of Linda's endeavors has been to become an author. In 2007, Linda wrote her first book, called, "Voices of Happiness." 

Since Linda is always happy and outgoing, there were so many requests to her to write a book and pass on the secret to being so happy and positive all the time. Linda took all of her life experiences, her ability to study situations and people through years of research and peer counseling, and turned it into something positive to help other people find the way to turn life positive no matter what's going on around the world. Linda says, "I couldn't have done this book until recently because even I was still learning and will always be. My husband, Michael, has always been that positive influence in my life and he taught me the path to changing my way of thinking so that I could avoid the negativity and learn how to write a book to help people - I couldn't have done it without him! Michael is MY Angel and I try to be one for everyone else. My best friend, Bob Cissna, has helped me a lot as well because he was my support group; he leant a neutral ear and offered other positive ways of looking at things, too."

The shortrun, unedited hardcopy of Linda's book sold out right away, but, always available, is the unedited eBook version, which you may contact Linda directly if you're interested in purchaseing a copy. 

Linda used to promote and update a dedicated website for Voices of Happiness; however, due to economic turns and the positive feedback for social marketing, Linda decided to shut down the physical website and continue only using Facebook to share information and post encouraging and inspiring insights. Please feel free to "Like" the Voices of Happiness page on Facebook:




Creativity and Imagination was instilled in Linda ever since she was born. Linda has always been interested in any form of the arts. When she was very young, she would work on projects at home using her imagination; her aunts would always have some kind of project waiting to try when visiting; at school there were always art classes to take and Linda was a part of nearly every one she could attend. From free-hand drawing, to painting and airbrushing, to patterns and sewing, to home cooking, to designing logos and home decor; and eventually learning graphic design and professional advertising and marketing, Linda has quite the round about experience with the arts. Linda's parents started up their own sign business when Linda was about 14 years old; she remembers her parents allowing her and her older sister the opportunity to assist in free-hand drawing/painting artistic characters and logos onto signs that were sold around their home town. Linda learned the graphic design by watching others, asking questions, and playing around in the graphics programs until things made sense. As with all other artistic adventures, graphic design for Linda just came natural. It became a way of making a living working for advertising agencies and sign companies, and eventually leading to opening a home-based graphic design and sign business, A Graphic D-Sign (formerly A Sign Language), in 2002. Since opening A Graphic D-sign, Linda has added many areas of creativity into her line of work including, building simple websites (taught to her by her brother and sister-in-law), personalizing luggage and clothing with fabric paint, making custom garments, and hundreds of other promotional products. You may see some of the graphic design work Linda has done over the years on the business website: 

A Graphic D-Sign


Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations are an amazing part of a thorough relaxation technique that Linda believes in for quality of life. A guided meditation is a voice-guided journey or adventure that you go through in your thoughts while meditating and sitting or lying still. During this 15-20 minute journey/adventure, you will be guided by a voice and particular music to certain places to receive messages and get answers to thoughts and questions deep in your mind. When the guided meditation is complete, you will feel a sense of relaxation, accomplishment, and completeness because you will have been guided to the answers to the innermost questions you seek. After the meditation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your experience for a more in depth look and interpretation of the messages you received.

A close friend of Linda's, Paula Cissna, does professional guided meditations for people of all ages. If you are interested in receiving one of Paula's personal guided meditations, please call her cell phone at 352-406-5154 for an appointment.

Linda is new at giving guided meditations; however if you would like more information about Linda's guided meditation, please contact her at 352-427-9060.

COMING SOON... CELESTIAL MEDITATION MUSIC, on cd or downloadable, written & produced by Michael Logue.

Tarot Card Readings

Linda and Michael, her husband, offer basic Tarot Card Readings for those who enjoy getting a quick reading of the past, present, and future on the path of your life at this particular moment in time. Everything changes from moment to moment, but sometimes it's nice to get a tarot card reading based upon your thoughts, influences, and actions at this particular moment the way things are heading. **Always remember, if you choose to turn left or turn right, you can change the outcome of each reading entirely (so nothing is permanent or set in stone... it is just a basic reading of the things in your life if you continue on the exact path you are heading at this moment). 

A close friend of Linda's, Paula Cissna, does professional, in-depth tarot card readings for people of all ages. If you are interested in receiving one of Paula's personal tarot card readings, please call her cell phone at 352-406-5154 for an appointment.

Linda has been offering tarot card readings for about several years now, but they are basic general ideas, influences, and circumstances, and not too intricate into your personal life. Linda can help you interpret the meaning of the cards if you discuss with her in more detail what experiences or events influence the cards to give you that reading. If you would like more information about Linda's tarot card readings, please contact her at 352-427-9060.

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