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Special Effects, Music Production and more...

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Michael currently plays lead guitar, sings backup vocals, and records all the band's original music,
along with helping to write the lyrics for iN2wishin's original music. Michael also plays the rhythm 
guitar and adds all the special effects into the original music recordings if necessary to give the
music a well-rounded sound.

Michael Logue has enjoyed playing guitar since a very young age. He grew up in Hollywood, Florida. When he was very young, Michael used
to play with toy guitars, pretending he was a rock star. His parents bought him his first guitar when he was about 8 years old, but Michael
started actually learning/playing guitar at the age of nine. 

For 6 years, he took lessons at ASM (Associated Studios of Music) where he learned how to read/write music and won several trophies
and awards for his talents. Yet, the kind of things they teach in a classroom are not always what you hear in real life or on the radio.
Since it was often repetitious and uninteresting, he left ASM and took some private lessons for a year. 

Eventually, Michael decided to teach himself and that’s where he learned to play by ear and picked up some sheet music to help him
learn to play many styles of music. With all of his musical influences, he knew that lead guitar was what he wanted to play and he found
rock music to be the most enjoyable and free. 

When Michael was about 15 years old, he started writing original songs and competing in competitions of which he won many awards.
He was also playing guitar with local bands, filled in for other band’s missing members, and recorded demos and originals in a studio
environment, which is also where Michael learned how to run the recording equipment and get the right sound out of recordings. 
Michael also played with a few country bands and later joined the FCMA in 1998 where he won “Instrumentalist of the Year” and 
the “Band of the Year” awards. 

Michael also adds a little bit of the following instruments into his experience: rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums & keyboards, and 
multi-track recording, which in turn gave him good experience in overall sound. Michael learned how to run sound for other bands 
when he was younger and he takes pride in the complete sound of a song, not just in his own instrument. He has also been providing
multi-track recording for singers and other bands in the studio in his home.

Although Michael plays many styles of music, his heart is in rock because it is challenging, rewarding and gives him the freedom of
being himself. With rock music, he is able to play loud or soft, happy or sad, and adds so much feeling into the lead guitar solos 
that he can make the crowd feel whatever the song is saying - without speaking a word. Michael never adds “fluff” to any song. 
He puts a lot of thought into each note he plays and adds just the right amount of effects to fit the feeling of each song. Michael says
playing music makes him feel better no matter what mood he is in and he states, “Music is exciting and fun and I would like to help 
other people to enjoy themselves and feel the chill of emotions like I do.” When Michael met Linda, he thought they would be a good 
match because Linda adds the same kind of feeling and emotion into her singing/song-writing as he does. They immediately began 
writing original rock music together and in December 1999, they moved up to the Central Florida area to begin a new band, 
“Misstaken.”  After performing for several years, and working on writing their own original music, Michael and Linda got to the point
where performing their own original songs actually felt better; so they decided to make a jump into an original band only in 2010, which
is also when they decided to change the band name to "iN2wishin" so that the band name more reflected the way they felt to play original
music and so that people no longer associate them with cover music.

Michael is continuously learning more about music by reading and learning how to run the latest equipment out on the 

Michael plays lead guitar with the band, iN2wishin, and also provides fill-in work, studio work, and guitar lessons. You can also view his bio 
information reflected through his personal bio page: www.iN2wishinband.com/michaellogue.html


Professional Experience & Awards:

  • FCMA 1998 “Instrumentalist of the Year” award
  • FCMA 1998 “Band of the Year” award

Newspaper Articles

  • August 21, 1998 - Around Town newspaper  


  • Michael recorded the guitar parts on an album of rock music with a band named, Still Rock in the mid 90's.
Special Training and Experience:
  • Michael has taught a number of different age groups how to play either electric/acoustic or bass guitar through his unique teaching
    methods in order to get his students to their goals in the quickest way possible.
  • Michael is self-taught in bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and professional recording equipment.
  • Michael also has developed an incredible ear for studio and live recordings to help get the best possible outcome.

Michael has thousands of natural skills. He can do anything he puts his mind to.


Fun Facts

Full Name: (James) Michael Logue

Birthdate: March 9th

Hometown: Hollywood, FL

Current Residence: Central Florida

Instrument(s): Lead Guitar, but dabbles in all instruments.

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani, Michael Jackson, Journey, Pat Benatar, Eagles, Heart, Skid Row, Evanescence, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, David Lee Roth, Europe, & so many More.

Previous/other projects & bands: Rocking Horse, Still Country, Missing Link, Misstaken, Loose Connection, and currently iN2wishin'

Michael's most memorable stage performance so far was ...

Michael enjoys: all things creative, walking in nature, gardening, eating, crafting, talking with people, writing songs, working on his self-help collaboration called, "MyHigherSelf," graphic art, singing, playing guitar & bass, playing keyboards, playing board games and other games with friends, acting silly, goofing off, playing with children, fishing, sports, projects and making things, building & rebuilding things, all things psychic/metaphysical/intuition, and giving a positive influence to children as well as adults. He also enjoys watching her favorite things on tv, sci-fi's and Comedies... like: all Star Trek shows/movies, all Stargate shows/movies, All Back to the Future movies, and Charmed; as well as any Comedies starring Jim Carrey, Mel Brooks, Richard Prior, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Will Farrell, Chris Farley, Kevin James, and many more actors in movies/shows like: Airplane, Ace Ventura, Night at the Roxbury, Blazing Saddles, GalaxyQuest, Nutty Professor, King of Queens, and many more... Michael also adores inspirational movies like: Celestine Prophecy, Peaceful Warrior, Instinct, What Dreams May Come, Pay It Forward and Sixth Sense. Michael enjoys the occasional cartoon, too, like: Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, and SpongeBob.


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