Drummer, Special Effects, Studio Musician, & Computer Specialist

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Mike currently plays drums and helps to write the iN2wishin original music. 

Mike has been in many bands over the years such as Night-stalker, Common Jones, Blue Zen, Redhead Lane, and Misstaken/iN2wishin (two if which are original music bands that he helped writing the music for). He is very proud to be such a valued part of iN2wishin along with all the strong original music they write.

Mike's goal is to be the best professional artist he can be. Even at 45 this year, he still plays with passion and integrity to achieve his goal. Mike will continue being the most professional drummer he can. He simply describes it as "A LABOR OF LOVE."

Mike plays Yamaha Stage Custom drums with Tama power tower rack system using DW hardware and p9000 series HH and Kick Pedals with Remo & Evens Heads with Promark Sticks Sabian HHX series and Paiste reflector series cymbals. He adds some other percussion equipment such as chimes and granite and wood blocks, and cowbells, etc. as needed. Also, from time to time, Mike plays on his Yamaha DTXpress IV Electronic drum kit with Simmons Drum Monitor system to record and sometimes play out.

Mike plays both acoustic and electronic drums.


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Not only is Mike talented with his drumming ability, he also repairs and upgrades computers and network atmospheres.


Early History:

Michael Hatfield,  born in 1968, has been playing drums since early Elementary School. He is a self-taught instrumentalist and has always enjoyed making music and playing the drums. Many assorted styles of drumming have been sought out by Mike over the years which have helped him to develop many skills in different genres of music. 


Fun Facts

Full Name: Mike Hatfield

Birthdate: 1968

Hometown: Michigan

Current Residence: Central Florida

Instrument(s): Drums.

Influences: Include but not limited to----> Mike Portnoy,  Niel Peart, Tony Royster Jr, Chad Smith, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini, Thomas Lang, etc..  The List goes on and on...

Previous/other projects & bands: as Night-stalker, Common Jones, Blue Zen, Redhead Lane, and Misstaken which is currently iN2wishin'

Mike's most memorable stage performance so far was ... yet to come.

Mike enjoys: playing his drums, computers, and things that make you think. He also enjoys watching movies. 

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