iN2wishin's Original Music consists of:


  • 1.  Naughty Tonight
  • 2.  Angel In Your Eyes
  • 3.  This Moment
  • 4.  Break My Heart
  • 5.  Who I Wanna Be
  • 6.  Your Love
  • 7.  I'll Follow You
  • 8.  Wait For Heaven
  • 9.  Skin of Lies


  • 3.33
  • 5.01
  • 4.44
  • 4.28
  • 4.50
  • 4.57
  • 5.10
  • 5.19
  • 5.48

  • 1.  I Want It All
  • 2.  Sleepless
  • 3.  Ride Away
  • 4.  All I Have Are Pictures
  • 5.  Leave Me Alone Tonight
  • 6.  Who You Really Are


  • 3.14
  • 5.07
  • 4.22
  • 4.25
  • 3.42
  • 4.23


When the band gets together to write, they sit back and try to allow intuition to take over and just start making up whatever pops into their awareness. Usually someone starts playing a few notes and then the rest join in and before you know it, a song is born! Linda usually comes up with an idea of what the song makes her feel like she is experiencing, and then the lyrics will flow. It doesn't usually take too long to write a song, it takes longer to perfect the song and all of the elements we wish to feel in that song before the band records it.


Naughty Tonight  What a playful song written about what women may go through when they're feeling frisky, playful, and excitable!

Angel In Your Eyes 
This was one of our very first band songs written with the love of seeing everything you want and everything you need in someone's eyes. They fulfill you in a way that you can only view them as almost a guardian angel, looking over your life to make you happy. 

This Moment  This Moment was born while Michael and Linda were discussing how important each moment is of every day. They laughed and said, "yeah, sometimes, there's no better moment than losing yourself in the music we play!" 

Break My Heart  A song written about someone getting hurt by the emotional rollercoaster of a love built on one single person who keeps on trying to hold things together. This person keeps begging for the other not to break their heart.  

Who I Wanna Be  This song was written by Linda when she was reminiscing about growing closer together in a relationship with Michael over the years. There were many disagreements and misunderstandings along the way, but it was the things that Michael saw in Linda that kept him around. His patience and persistence with Linda grew into such a strong foundation for some really great songs. 

Your Love 
One of our very first original band songs, this song tells the story of how another person's love can inspire you. It's a catchy, peppy tune. 

I'll Follow You 
This has to be Linda & Michael's favorite song that they have written because of the rich, interesting vibe as if the music is taking you on a trip around the world.

Wait For Heaven  A cute song that changed the thought of how deep love goes. 

Skin of Lies 
A Fantastic song that helped catapult the band into a song writing frenzy! This song is packed full of feelings and a heavier, gothic sound. We've all been hurt by someone not telling us the truth before and this song strengthens your inner feeling of knowing that you're not getting the truth while using your own intuition to strip through the lies in order to see the truth. 


I Want It All 
This song was written with wants and desires in mind. Especially for fun & happiness. 

This song was originally written by Linda about how a woman feels when splitting with her man; but it morphed into a duet when Eric suggested it could go both ways. An idea of a music video popped into Linda's head and it all panned out from there.  

Ride Away  Since the band had performed over many years in bars and for many bikers; Ride Away was written specifically for all of our special biker friends. 

All I Have Are Pictures  After 9/11, Linda's heart was heavy with sorrow. She was thinking to herself how horrible it would have been to lose the one you love in something so terrible; and yet what if the last thing you recall was arguing with this person or not leaving on good terms?

Leave Me Alone Tonight  Toying around with some new tunes, the music came before the lyrics for this song. It's about getting hit on by someone who thinks material things make things happen, but you just want them to go away. 

Who You Really Are  Linda and Michael have always wanted to write a deep, positive song to portray the Real Message they wish to convey; and it has finally materialized in this tough-sounding brush with reality of a power ballad. 


We look forward to the opportunity to please your imagination, creativity, and playfulness.

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